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Just a little girl anxious to grow up  so you could come off the porch to play. Yet you're stuck there watching the moves of adults around you. Habits starting to form. You're experiencing emotions that a child your age…

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Temporary Fixations🙋🏽‍♀️

Ever found yourself in a situationship and from the very beginning you knew it would end badly? But for the moment it was your happy place. It was your escape from reality. It was your excitement and breath of fresh…

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Shattered Glass Still Sparkle

A yearning to experience the missing piece of Love from a absent parent is tough. We were designed to love a mother and father.  We were designed to learn from both. Certain things we get from our father and others…

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The healing process!!!

Often times we sweep things under the rug things such as Heartache, Disappointments, Breakups. Never totally dealing with our issues. We carry one heartache to the next, bandaging wounds before cleaning it properly. Building walls as tall as the empire…

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Unapologetically You.

Hmmmm 🤔Expectations🤦‍♀️ Most of us go thru life looking for validation from people we love. Often doing all we can to make them proud. Them being spouses, parent's, family,  friends, children etc. In doing so we never truly grasp what…

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Living thru Disappointments!!!!

Life has its way of building you up and tearing you down. I've come to the realization that the less you expect from people the fewer disappointments. It seems like the more you do for people the more you have…

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