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Unapologetically You.

Hmmmm 🤔Expectations🤦‍♀️

Most of us go thru life looking for validation from people we love. Often doing all we can to make them proud. Them being spouses, parent’s, family,  friends, children etc. In doing so we never truly grasp what it is that we want out of life. Every decision is based upon and expectation of another. When was the last time u evaluated ur life? Dissected your choices? You must live for you! Life has a way of breaking you down and forcing you to make decusions based upon what you want. Expectations from others change soo you will always feel not good enough. We must remember just because it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it’s your route. Are you making yourself proud? What will it take to get you into your happy place? At what cost are you willing to pay to gain control over your happiness? I’ll share a secret with you in most cases the expectations of others are based on them judging you. ‘Watching yo life” We need people that will add to our life and not take away.  Expect nothing from others yet demand respect of your choices. Dont be afraid to be you. The hardest thing I’ve encountered in life and that’s tryin to live up to folks standards and expectations of me. Never again. “I can only be me”!!!

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