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Shattered Glass Still Sparkle

A yearning to experience the missing piece of Love from a absent parent is tough. We were designed to love a mother and father.  We were designed to learn from both. Certain things we get from our father and others we get from our mother. It makes a big difference when the home is broken and one or more become absent.  Heartaches from unanswered thoughts that are now questions. Heartaches from lack of effort. Heartaches from being left to feel unworthy or not enough. Whose held accountable when the kids act out because of this? Whose responsible when the kid grow into adult age and can’t figure out why nothing is ever enough? Why can’t this adult totally trust anyone? Why can’t this adult Love whole heartedly? Why can’t this adult relax and allow life to happen in hopes of never having to feel like they  once did as a child? When the thoughts and questions would overtake their mind and emotions. We tend to try and fix our issues. We tend to cover up our hurts. We drown them in bad habits we’ve created along the way.  We go on with life with the expectancy of change. Disappointments after disappointments from the ones we pray would be the last one to hurt us. But then Reality hits us in the face.  The very one, the absent one, the one that neglected you is carrying a secret they didn’t feel was important enough to share. Now it all makes sense. But it dont change the fact that you were already walking around shattered left trying to piece ur puzzle together with no instructions. To be cont……

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