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Just a little girl anxious to grow up  so you could come off the porch to play. Yet you’re stuck there watching the moves of adults around you. Habits starting to form. You’re experiencing emotions that a child your age shouldn’t know anything about. Scared, on edge, tormented, and as a result now you’re having nightmares. Yelling, Screaming and crying out for help but no one hears you. Whose gonna protect the little girl in you? Whose gonna calm you down?  Whose responsibility is it to hide you from the turmoil? All alone yet in a room full of family your cries are silent or maybe just swept under the rug. Life happens and boom you’re adulting with no kids. The little girl that was never noticed is fighting through life trying to figure it out alone.  Asking the same questions from her youth Why? Why me? What is unconditional love? Will I ever have an encounter with true love? Etc Needless to say sometimes the encounters we yern for most comes from something or someone totally different. Just because people are assigned to you with titles doesn’t mean they are capable of fulfilling the duties attached to their title. God sends exactly what we need when we need it. Acceptance is something we lack, in most cases we just have to accept people for who they are and expect nothing. Signed a scorned lilttle girl that grew into a scorned woman, and died a scorned Queen. VH❤

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