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Living thru Disappointments!!!!

Life has its way of building you up and tearing you down. I’ve come to the realization that the less you expect from people the fewer disappointments. It seems like the more you do for people the more you have to do. So stop doing so much! Its time we get selfish a lil and worry about ourselves. Walking around unhappy is unhealthy. Sometimes I feel like a ticking time bomb why? Im glad u asked,Β  because I’ve been burnt so much that i have this defense mechanism up in hopes to protect me from it all. Its not a good feeling actually its very overbearing and will suck life right out of you. What ate you doing to protect you? How do u want to feel daily? What are you doing to make sure your spirit is at ease daily? Take time for you. Spoil you! Date you! Compliment you! Find your happy place depend on people less and watch how amazing you feel. In some cases being selfless neglects you so im adding selfishness to my daily routine. I’ve found that God is the only way, the only true confidant. We must Live!!!!

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  1. I’ve been disappointed in Relationship, Friendships and Family. I’ve had a failed marriage and had to raised my 2 youngest sons alone. There dad helped but I was the always present parent..They are grown now. I did it, I made it and today I am happly selfish. I come first, I have to like and love me before anyone can. I only answer to God. He is my strength.I respect all important figures in my life, but I live for ME!!!!!!!!πŸ€—

  2. This is good cousin! I’ve found that our disappointments are there to make us stronger. I also believe like you said, it’s okay to be selfish at times and focus on you and what makes you happy.

    1. Exactly… I do feel some disappointments are self inflicted because we choose to either overlook reality or continue giving chances to people who are definitely unworthy.

  3. This is so on point. I’ve felt so much disappointment and mostly from people who I thought were ride or die because I am that for them. Some times I feel like throwing the towel in because it’s too much. However I know I am all my kids got and I can’t let them down. I want to spend some me time. Something simple like a room for a weekend by myself but where will they go? Who is going to get them where they need to be? I’m no longer available to those who aren’t available to me though.

    1. Yes I’ve been there as well but you gotta have atleast one person that understands what u are going thru and is willing to be the help u need for the weekend. And when u go cut ur phone off and and revamp. Its a must!!!!

    1. Yes mammm…. We as women were created to nuture which to me means look out for everybody else. I lost sight of myself sacraficing for my family for many years and I truly feel it didn’t get me anywhere. Soo I’m taking a differnt route this time.

  4. Yes, you must love yourself . I found that disappointment are apart of living and they do make you stronger. With disappointment come growth with the right attitude.

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