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Temporary Fixations🙋🏽‍♀️

Ever found yourself in a situationship and from the very beginning you knew it would end badly? But for the moment it was your happy place. It was your escape from reality. It was your excitement and breath of fresh air. Right, I’ve been there also. Knowing better yet yearning to satisfy the underlying feelings of loneliness, hurt, rejection, and or neglect. How many will be honest though and admit even in all the foolishness you were never satisfied? Why? Because the issue still lies. You just found a way to cover it and suppress it. Now you’re addicted to something or someone because it administers that feeling you’ve been desiring.  Can you say toxic? No benefit at all simply recreational. Now you’re feeling stuck because you can’t seem to let go. Even Attached to a clone of the very thing that was eating at you before. Do you begin to ask yourself questions like how did I end up in this situation? How could I be so stupid? What’s wrong with me? Truth is life happens! Never say never. Things you once said you would never do, you find them appealing all of a sudden. The trick of the enemy. How do I let it all go? God himself! We must recognize when the battle is out of our control. Cry out, Release it, and leave it there.

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